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                            Crude meropenem
                            MEROPENEM INTERMEDIATE 4BMA
                            Meropenem Intermediate F9
                            meropenem sterile
                            meropenem withsodium carbonate

                            Hebei wordstar Chemcial co.,Ltd.

                            Tel : 86-310-4586869

                            Fax : 86-310-4586869


                            Email: worldstar01@hebeisx.com

                            Web: www.dodibs.com

                            the Company was participa..
                            Enterprise organize regula..
                            Organize employee fire dri..
                            The construction activitie..
                            The signing ceremony of th..
                            The website of the Shixing..

                            Hebei Wordstar chemical co.,Ltd ,registered in November 2, 2011,  Is a collection of scientific research, production, operating as one of the new chemical enterprises, is located in handan city GuanTao county new chemical industrial park, with a total investment of 510 million, covers an area of 100 mu Companys main product is 4-AA(4-acetoxyazetidin-2-one; nitrogen. 4 - AA heterocyclic ketone; 4 - acetoxyl group - 3 - [1 - (tert-butyl dimethyl silica base) ethyl] nitrogen heterocyclic butanone).

                            activities of the key project
                            the leader of handan city visitting
                            Key project contract signing

                               HEBEI WORDSTAR CHEMICAL CO.,LTD

                            Tel : 86-0310-4586867 Fax : 86-0310-5511567


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